Iran Pledge of Resistance: Time to Kick Into Gear

The drumbeat for war has gone through a cycle of loud notes and silence for years, but the rhythm seems to be a little different this time. The Israeli government continues to make serious threats against Iran with a recent report in the Israeli Times stating that Netanyahu, “is determined to attack Iran before the US elections.”

There has been escalation in more than rhetoric in Israel. Gas masks have been passed out in Jerusalem and authorities tested a new

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text-messaging system for alerting Israelis to incoming rockets.

The Israeli government may be trying to increase pressure without real intent to attack or the attack may come at any time. Unfortunately, both the U.S. and Israeli governments have talked about attacking Iran for so long that at some point they will feel compelled to do so to maintain credibility. Either way, we must be proactive in our stance to prevent an attack on Iran and if an attack/war happens we must be ready to stop it.

Iran Pledge of Resistance endorser Veterans For Peace is taking action to build international pressure to stop Israel and the U.S. from attacking Iran.  With the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Tehran August 29-31, Veterans For Peace is urging the organization of 120 nations not formally allied with any major power bloc to take steps to deter the Israeli and American  threats of war against Iran over its nuclear enrichment program. Read the appeal to the Non-Aligned Movement here.

It is time to kick organizing and education efforts in to gear. The IPOR endorsing organizations are meeting soon to develop an action plan. More information about that as it becomes available.  Until then please promote the pledge to get new signers. Also don’t forget to check out our site for updates about the situation. Please donate to IPOR to help us hire a coordinator in this most critical time.

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Michael McPhearson