At the UFPJ Occupy Peace Summit in Philadelphia in February of 2012, an exciting campaign was conceived to build an effective and rapid response to preempt a U.S. war with Iran.  Modeled after the Central American Pledge of Resistance that successfully prevented a U.S. invasion in Nicaragua, the Iran Pledge of Resistance has the potential to build an emergency response network and a campaign capable of preventing another war as we fight for justice at home.

On Feb 15, 2001 millions of people marched against war. What if millions of us again join together to say no to war, but this time organized a mass horizontal direct action network?

Signing the pledge is the first step, but this will only be effective if we organize. While the Pledge itself is online, and there will be effective actions to do from your computer, we will also be able to connect you with others in your area who sign the pledge to coordinate local actions and be able to act as an emergency response network.  The structure of the Iran Pledge of Resistance is a simple one: local affinity groups formed by those signing up will lead to local spokes councils. Those spokes councils will be a part of the national conversation to figure out next steps, plan days of actions and much more.

Working together, we can be a powerful force that can change the course of history.


  • Build a diverse, grassroots movement to prevent war with Iran.
  • Re-mobilize the anti-war movement and build a larger anti-war base.
  • Use online and offline tools to engage the maximum number of participants and allow a variety of levels of engagement.
  • Create a horizontal national structure that supports local organizing through creating resources, training, and materials, connecting people locally, and providing networking and sharing across the network.