In the 1980’s, the Central American Pledge of Resistance (POR) created a widespread coordinated horizontal movement that was successful in preventing an all-out U.S. war in Nicaragua and El Salvador.  Using affinity groups, spokes councils, and local and national coordination structures, this movement we believe is especially apt for this political moment and can support and amplify the work that occupy is doing.

Inspired by the the Central American Pledge of Resistance and the Iraq Pledge of Resistance from early in the anti-Iraq War movement, the initial idea for an Iran Pledge of Resistance (IPOR) came out of the Occupy Peace meeting held by United for Peace and Justice in Philadelphia February 24-26.  Building off this organizing model and using new media tools and the structures and practices now familiar through Occupy, we believe this has the potential to renew and rebuild a grassroots anti-war movement.

(You can check out one of the original Pledge of Resistance Manuals here - http://www.reclaimingquarterly.org/web/handbook/DA-Handbk-Pledge86-lo.pdf)

You can read more about the Pledge of Resistances here- http://paceebene.org/nvns/nonviolence-news-service-archive/pledge-resistance