Local Action Ideas

The U.S. is currently teetering on the brink of an unjust and immoral war against Iran.  We can stop this, but we must do more than just talk or protest. We must organize.

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To keep the pressure on, the Iran Pledge of Resistance campaign suggests ongoing actions for local and national groups that may include:

Public Pledge Signings

These events, in themselves, are demonstrations against U.S. war-mongering towards Iran. They also serve to empower those who are engaging in this resistance.  These can be events staged at a particular site, or they can be part of a tabling campaign at a variety of locations.

Education and visibility actions

These can include distributing fact sheets, creative newspaper inserts with facts about Iran, emailing and tweeting mass corrections to newspapers who skew the facts, wheat pasting, speaking to congregations and schools, cultural and arts-based events exposing people to Iranian culture, organizing delegations to other community groups, etc.

Engaging Decision-Makers

Organizing mass communications between people and elected official, corporate executives and others power brokers on the subject of Iran. We need to flood the White House, Congress, and State Department, war corporations, security contractors and the media with phone calls, emails, and personal visits registering our opposition to the present U.S. aggression in the Persian Gulf.  There will be coordinated national days of actions, but the campaign encourages the inclusion of these forms of targeted communication as part of ongoing, regular activity of our organizational membership and local communities.

Somber Acts of Resistance

Staging nonviolent vigils, candlelight marchers, prayer services.

Creative and Rowdy Acts of Resistance

Street theater, pickets, pop-up occupations, lobby take-overs, speak-outs, public assemblies, culture jamming and more!

Organizing large demonstrations

Shape and take part in demonstrations with a civil disobedience component.  Those who have signed the pledge would be contacted to participate in the April 17th Day of Action.  Our campaign’s outreach team is currently working on making sure everyone who signs the pledge can be in communication with their fellow local signees and our campaign’s on-line calendar features actions across the country in opposition to war with Iran.

Nonviolence preparations

These workshops in the philosophy and methods of nonviolence convey to the administration and defense contractors the growing opposition and resistance to U.S. foreign policy in a very concrete way, while also providing us with the valuable skills needed for social change across the country. Trainers groups around the country are stepping up to help. Check out the Trainers section of this website. The 99% Spring trainings happening throughout the country April 9-15 are a powerful way to develop non-violent organizing skills while also connecting us with thousands of other concerned organizers.  Check out the99spring.com to find your closest training or host your own!  More trainings will be featured on our campaign site as well.

Civil Disobedience and Civil Resistance
Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand, it never has, it never will.    Frederick Douglas

We must be prepared to put our bodies on the line through nonviolent sit-ins, occupations, blockades and more.  We must be prepared to fill the jails if we have to.  We must be willing to expose those who are promoting and profiting from war and disrupt their ability to continue to wage and escalate military action.