A Collection of Articles About the Possibility of War with Iran


Other Actions From Endorsing Organizations

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets: General Information: CIA Fact Book, No War With Iran Occupy Sacramento

Raising Their Voices Fact Sheet (Download PDF of report here.)

Statement for the Record on the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – In this January 31, 2012 testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the most recent Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said, “We continue to assess Iran is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons in part by developing various nuclear capabilities that better position it to produce such weapons, should it choose to do so. We do not know, however, if Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons.”


Iran in the Crosshairs: How to Prevent Washington’s Next War, a Primer by Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies – Though written in 2008, this document is still extremely relevant and provides a lot of good background information on U.S. foreign policy towards Iran, as well as providing facts about Iran’s nuclear capability and the role of Israel.

Other Networks

Network of Iranian Labor Units: NILU is an independent labor organization involved in several unionization drives in Iran. In addition, we are dedicated to providing assistance to Iran’s fledging trade union movement with expertise, resources, information, and international trade union support. This is done through our website